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What is a Eyebrows Transplant Procedure?

Based on the idea that getting a natural look after a hair transplant requires exceptional surgical skills we are integrated with a team of carefully selected specialists with extensive experience in performing such procedures to the highest standards. 

The eyebrows and eyelashes transplant was initially designed for patients who had suffered burns or congenital malformations of the eye. With scientific advances today, this procedure has been further refined; patients with complete or partial loss of eyebrows and / or eyelashes now have an affordable alternative medical Mexico.

Before some people opting for tattoos or facial makeup cosmetics to recreate eyebrows lost hair but this obviously can look unnatural. Eyebrow transplantation in Mexico will restore the natural appearance of eyebrows and eyelashes that lasts forever. 


 This procedure can also be simply used to thicken existing eyebrows or lengthen existing eyelashes enhance their appearance. Eyebrow transplantation also known as eyebrow restoration is a procedure designed to restore hair growth when the eyebrows are too thin, scarred, or completely missing.  

The absence of hair can be due to genetics, prior electrolysis, laser hair removal, previous tattoos, thyroid or other hormonal abnormalities or trauma due to surgery, burns or other accidents. Some patients want their eyebrows are thick and full, others seek a subtle thickening and others want to have a less visible scar.

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Good Candidates for Eyebrows Transplant

There are many reasons that can make men and women lose eyebrows or eyelashes. These include: burns scars diseases congenital disorders trichotillomania Medical or surgical treatments such as radiotherapy and chemotherapy   procedure: Eyebrow transplantation involves removing hair follicles from the donor area.  

Your surgeon will collect hair from other parts of your body that are of the same density and thickness. After the hair is going to shape eyebrows is placed in the same direction as I had from birth to create a natural look. The direction of curvature of the eyebrows is also determined by inserting the follicles and can be done with a slight arch to give it a corrugated appearance.

Patients feel no pain or discomfort during the procedure and a local anesthetic is used. The whole procedure takes a few hours and usually requires a single session. This is a very delicate procedure requiring perfect placement of the grafts in small incisions (half a millimeter) according to the correct angle and direction. Using all grafts microscopically dissected allows placement in smaller incisions possible to minimize scarring and to prevent damage to existing hair. 

 The number of grafts needed for this treatment ranges from 50 to 325 depending eyebrow hair density and the desired size. Sutures in the donor area are soluble. After 2 weeks the transplanted hair falls before starting to grow again at 3 months and continue to grow throughout their lives.


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